“Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance.” – Confucius

I spent an enjoyable evening the other night with some of my friends who live up here in Collinsvale.  We watched a couple of interesting DVDs about the work of Sepp Holzer, the Austrian Permaculture farmer, or “Rebel Farmer” as the DVD was called.  I was so impressed with the work which this man has accomplished on his 40 hectares, high in the Austrian Alps.  He is producing so much more food on one of his small areas than I can on my whole property… and he is twice as high above sea level than I am.  I would recommend that anyone interested to check out his video on YouTube.  It was so impressive, especially the part where Sepp talked to one of his neighbors, who had imitated the techn iques on a rubbish section of her land.  It showed them carrying huge baskets of produce from this “rubbish” section and she said that she produces more on this area than her entire property.  That is definitely something I can work with!


After seeing this I am inspired to try out some of his techniques on creating gardens on an area of my land which is pretty much wasted.  I have a section that I have been planning to put a pig on… to eat the plants to get rid of them and make some pork.  I can follow Sepp as he was shown in the DVD to be running some pigs onto the sections before he plants.  He said that these animals are his best workers, as they clear the land, dig up the soil, fertilise it, and then leave.

This is the plants which have grown in my old pig pen.


I can use this to clear the land as I intended, using some of the other weeds I have to build up a type of Hugelbed then spread out some seeds to build up some plants to improve the area.  My friend showed me that he has bought from Diggers club an Autumn green manure mix.  I might try this, or apparently my local farmers supplier has a similar mix which costs around $20 for a 10kg bag.  This is, of course, dependent on whether my house sells soon and how the weather is over the next few weeks.

This is an area which I can harvest for contents for the beds.

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