Review of Southern Harvest seeds

I was very excited to try Southern Harvest seeds when I first spotted them for sale.  They had a great selection of plants which really had my attention, such as comfrey, Camomile, Artichoke, Cape Gooseberry and I get my Winter Green Manure from them too.  These are all plants that I have had a great interest in growing, so a Tasmanian company offering such a selection was perfect for me.

This is obviously not a packet of Cherry Radish… it is of German Chamomile. I couldn’t find the packet of radish and wanted to show what Southern Harvest’s packets looked like.

Firstly, I find their packaging to be very imformative and attractive.  They provide great information on growing zones, as well as enough facts to get you interested in buying the packet.  Their lack of colour isn’t an issue to me… I think it is a postive.

When I planted my seeds (all of the above seeds), I have to say I was very disappointed with the results.  None of the Camomile germinated, out of several packets of each type, only 1 artichoke germinated, two Cape Gooseberry, and none of Comfrey.  None of these survived for long (this could be my fault, yet I suspect the seeds being the real problem).  I actually was so annoyed that I wrote to Southern Harvest to complain.  They were quick to respond and advised that their seeds were usually good.  They recommended trying again and offered to send replacements.

I felt that I must be the problem, so rather than have them pay for it, I bought another packet of Comfrey and tried that.  Out of a packet of 20 seeds, three germinated.  I decided that I would cease buying Southern Harvest after that.

The radish in the front was one from another seed provider, the two in the back are from Southern Harvest. As y ou can see they have grown into an irregular shape and their size is below average.


The Cherry Belle Radish was another poor performer from Southern Harvest.  The seedlings which grew from the seeds appeared to be normal at first sight, with slightly lower than I would have preferred germination rate (around 75%).

The plants which grew from these turned out to be very sub-standard, with small fruit and little growth of the leaves.  The resulting radishes did taste fine, yet the product was tiny compared to other radishes I have grown.

I would normally put the blame on myself… yet as I have had such a terrible result from other Southern Harvest seeds (and good results from other companies) I have only one option but to point my finger at their products.  I am pretty disappointed with this, as it is hard to find such a great selection of unusual seeds… yet due to their poor results I could not recommend anyone buy from Southern Harvest.  Their Winter green Manure, which is pretty much trash plants, has a terrible grow percentage… so much so that I usually mix it with my own seeds to make it worth the trouble of sowing.

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