Review on Rangeview Seeds

One of the fun of gardening is trying out the different seeds and being surprised by the results.  I love trying local, Tasmanian seed companies, and when I discovered a store selling Rangeview seeds I had to try them.

The first thing I noticed was that they don’t have all the information that other commercial seed companies provide on their seed packets… such as a diagram showing when to plant, and different zones.  This is not a problem, as if you are trying a local seed you would have enough common sense to look up any outstanding information in a book or the web.  Rangeview doesn’t have a huge range of seeds, yet some of the ones they have to offer are unusual, which I think is a great direction for them to market.  The larger companies often sell the more common varieties, with the smaller companies like Rangeview catering for the niche market.

Image from the Rangeview website of their Cherry radish

I did encounter a problem with my seeds… I bought a packet of Cherry Belle Radishes.  I wanted to see how they germinated and grew, and I selected the seeds with the shortest grow time in order to see results.  When I opened the packet I noticed the amount of seeds appears lower than normal.  The packet listed 300 seeds, yet within (when I counted them) were 209 seeds.  I know this isn’t a big deal, yet it was very irritating (also a breach of Consumer Law).  I immediately went online and contacted the company to alert them to this issue.

I was contact very quickly by Peter, who appeared to be the manager.  He swiftly apologised and offered to send me a new seed packet and any other packet of my choice as a gift.  I chose Soupwort seeds… one of their interesting offers, as I had not seen them in person and I very much wanted to try them.  The replacement seeds arrived very quickly and I was very happy with this response from the company.  I feel that it is very telling how a company deals with its mistakes, and Rangeview definitely impressed me.

The radish seeds I planted have performed as expected, with an almost 100% successfully germinating.  The radishes which I have harvested (while a little earlier than I should) taste amazing, with a real radish tang.  They are exactly as expected.

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