Spring cleaning the front yard.

Since some time earlier in the year I admit that the front of my house hasn’t been the tidiest.  After an aggressive bout of tree pruning and garden work I had collected a large pile of detritus.  The original plan was to call a local business that will take the waste and chip it, yet when they were not called when the material was still green we had to let that idea go.  Due to that, we were left with the unsightly mess for a while.  I am sure it really annoyed my neighbour.

Just one part of the pile of cuttings

As it is now starting to really turn into some great spring days I took the opportunity to work on the mess.  I decided the best plan would be to harvest the larger pieces for future house fires, and to burn the smaller twigs.  I could use the ashes in the garden and setting the fire would allow me to practice my fire-lighting skills.   After my son and I had collected a smallish pile of burnable items I set to work making the fire.

With the slight wind it proved a little harder than I thought, yet eventually I got the fire burning.  Over the next hour I set about cutting up the larger pieces of wood for future use, and throwing the trash on the fire.  My son and I had a bit of fun with the process, and I managed to tell him some stories as well as teach him some skill on dealing with fires.  He was pretty reluctant to listen, yet I am sure some of the information made it through.

In the end I made my front yard much tidier, collected enough wood for several fires, made some material to help in the garden and best of all… spent some time with my son.  It can be hard to find time to spend with him, he is growing so quickly and already becoming a moody teenager.

Having mentioned the material I have made for the garden, I might talk next posting about my garden beds… I don’t think I have mentioned how I made them.

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