“Stay focused, go after your dreams and keep moving toward your goals.” – LL Cool J

Over the last week or so, Kitty and I have been very busy  working on a special project.  One that I wanted to wait until we had made some progress on before I revealed it to you all.


Several years ago, Kitty’s mother lived with us in our Collinsvale home.  She moved out some time ago, yet she has been asking us (almost constantly) whether we could arrange for her to move into our new home.  While we lived in Collinsvale, we had extra rooms that would allow her to live with us, now we have a much smaller home and therefore have much less space.  That, as far as we were concerned, was the end of it.  Kitty’s mother often visits us down here, traveling from mainland Australia (or, The Mainland, as we call it in Tasmania).  She really misses spending time with her grandchildren and she also loves the island of Tasmania.

My Daughter and I admiring the view from the window.


A little while ago, Kitty’s mother had a bad fall.  She has been living at a Retirement village and she is meant to be looked after.  Apparently she had been lying on the ground for several hours before she was found.  This event really upset Kitty… she thought about how we want her to have time with our children.  After Kitty told me about this, she said that she thinks we need to work out how we can get her mother down here… so we put our heads together and tried to come up with a plan.  Now, as I mentioned, we have no room at our house.  We thought about what we could do when we realised that if we worked hard at it, we could make room.  We had plans for the far future to renovate our external laundry/workshop into a studio… a place for one of our kids to live in when they are older, or maybe a retreat from the kids when they are older and have friends over.  We decided that if we put our long term plan into effect now, Kitty’s mother would have a place to stay.  To that end, we started work.  I modified one of our internal bathrooms  (we have two in our home that are next door to each other) into a laundry.  I packed up all the boxes of books, tools and gardening supplies and moved them into my secure shed.  Once cleared, I needed to knock down the dividing wall between the two rooms.  This was a pretty big job, yet I am happy I have done it as I now have enough timber to make two or three Chicken tractors.  Kitty and I have divided up the workload, with me doing the heavy, industrial work, and she does the painting.

Tear down the wall!


We have made some great progress on the studio, as you can see from the photos, yet we still have far to go.  I have to install the kitchen (the bench, tiles, sink and plumbing need to be placed), organise the laying of the flooring, curtains and blinds, and a few other items.  It should look great once it is complete.

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