“Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.” – Winston Churchill

I spent a large part of the week sick, with a virus.  As I had nothing to add to the blog, and I did nothing of interest, I didn’t bother to post anything.

The house we missed out on buying… and I just discovered that we offered them more money than they accepted!

One thing that did occur was that we received last night news on the property that we had so recently set our sights upon.  It was on over 2 acres, meters from the river, with great soil, etc.  The owners decided to accept another offer, rather than our offer.  Kitty and I were pretty down about this, as we really tried to buy this property… yet apparently it wasn’t meant to be.  Well, that is what everyone tells me.  I don’t know if I believe in Fate that much, yet I quickly got over losing the property and re-focused on finding a house to buy for my family.  Another property, close to the one I just mentioned came to our attention.  It is on less land… a lot less land.  Maybe 1/3 of an acre.  Yet I think it is enough that I can still do all the gardening that I want, and it should keep me busy.  These is also land next door,94 acres) and apparently the owner of that would be willing to lease and/or sell it.  I will update you all when I learn anything about this house.

A view of our new home.


I fixed the issue I had with my car’s ignition cables.  Despite it taking 11 days for the delivery to arrive (when they quoted me 2-3 days), the part fit nicely and I managed to get the car started (after having to recharge the battery for a day).  I now own a working car!  I will return the one which was lent to me by a very gracious friend tonight (after I fill it up with fuel).  Before this experience, I could comfortably say that I would NEVER have lent my car to anyone… it is such a foreign concept.  After this, I think I would consider lending a car to a friend if they needed it.  So I have maybe grown a little as a person due to this experience.

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