“Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.” – Henry David Thoreau

On Saturday I placed a dozen eggs in the incubator, after completing my tests and observations.  I am pretty happy with the set up, so I feel that I might have a good chance for the eggs to hatch with some healthy chickens.


I mentioned that my hens had been collecting their eggs, and I was hopeful that they would hatch some themselves.  I have been watching my hens, to try to see who had been sitting on the eggs.  It seems that neither of them were preforming this duty.  They were simply laying the eggs in a huge pile, and leaving them.  They were even letting some of the eggs roll off the heap and not bothering to gather them back together!  So careless of them!  I decided that I would take the eggs off them, both to complete the amount of eggs I had up to a dozen, and also so I had some for Sunday Breakfast.




My bunnies are really growing up fast.  You can see in the above picture (and the below video) that they are already eating solids.  The brown and white ones are very friendly, they love the be patted and scratched behind their ears.  The honey coloured one is still a little shy.  I took a video of them this evening, you can hear the rain falling while I filmed them.




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