Surprise! Car crash.

An interesting thing happened on Sunday.  It was early, around 9am.  I was in the kitchen, finishing off my breakfast and wasting a couple of minutes checking Instagram, when I heard an almighty sound.  The screech of car tires followed by the smash of a car.  I rushed outside to see what had happened, expecting to see a car on the road… what I saw was not foreseeable.

As you can see… there is a car parked in my garden.  I have to admit that my first thought was, “Oh my trees!”  I had planted Hazelnut and Elderberry in the location where the car was sitting.  Despite my first thought, I rushed over and asked if they were OK.  The driver climbed out of the car, as did the passenger (who was carrying an open bottle of beer).  At this stage my neighbour had come out and he loudly groaned when he saw the damage to our shared fence, yet to his credit he too asked if the people were OK.  The driver and passenger said they were fine and went over to my neighbours yard.  By this stage, the manager of the local bakery who had witnessed the incident had rushed over and she asked if the two men were drunk.  The driver said he was fine and the passenger admitted he had been drinking.  The passenger had lost his beer bottle by this stage (I found out later he had dropped it in my garden).

The baker stated she was going to get the police, so she ran to his house (just a few doors down).  At this stage I went and woke Kitty up, and told her the situation.  I filmed a little footage of the car as the cop arrived.  He was not in a good mood.  He asked the driver what happened, and was told that the car lost traction on the corner.  The cop told the driver he was tired from a late night of work and  pissed off at being called on so early.  He said he wasn’t in the mood for lies, so the driver told him he was speeding around the corner and lost control.  A couple of locals came over and told me the driver was doing burnouts around town all morning, so it was inevitable he would crash.

The cop breathalysed the driver and took him to Huonville for further tests… obviously he must have been drunk, as he admitted he was drinking all the previous night.

It took around an hour for the car to be towed out of the crash, and when I surveyed the damage I could see I lost a hazelnut, my elderberry was crushed, and a 9 year old Cherry tree I brought from Collinsvale was flattened.  My neighbour and I did a quick repair job on the fence, so his dog wouldn’t escape.  Then we went about our days.

I am waiting to hear back from the insurance people… I hope my trees are covered, as they were pretty expensive (hazelnut trees are $60, and the old cherry tree which is maybe $200 for a replacement of the same age).

Now I get to the very sad part of this situation… A little while later I went and checked the animals, when I found our new bunny, Edith, acting strange.  She was lethargic, breathing erratically, and had no appetite.  After investigating I checked the internet for information on bunny illnesses.  Most suggested that I take her to a vet, yet it seemed that she may have a stomach problem and need some bland food.  I changed her water and feed before going off to do some chores.  When I checked on her again, she had died.  I was very sad to see that she was dead, as she was such a lovely little bunny.  I did a little dissection to see if I could work out the problem, yet there was nothing wrong with her insides.  Sadly, it seemed she just died.

I talked to her previous owner, who (upon learning of the car crash at my house) suggested it may have been shock.  Edith was pretty close to the fence, so the noise and activity could have caused her to have a stroke.  The previous owner offered to give me another bunny for free as a replacement… which is so lovely.

I will have to make sure I keep my bunnies, especially my new ones, away from the fence.  I doubt that another car will crash through the fence, yet should it happen… I don’t want to lose another little one.

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