“Survival in the twenty-first century is all about using your head…” – Phil Campion

I just finished reading ‘Big’ Phil Campion’s book, Real World SAS Survival Guide.  Kitty bought it for me as a present for moving into the new house or something like that.  I decided to pick it up and have a go at reading it.  I found it an interesting book, with some useful information.


I don’t think that I have heard of Phil Campion before I read this book.  I have since discovered that he is an author of several military style novels and someone who may have been a Private Mercenary (or so the internet claims).  He advises that he has had experience in many conflicts and this book is littered with his tales of survival.  I found the book a little difficult to read initially, as it is peppered with many turns of phrase that I found hard to understand.  The author writes, in part, with a type of old fashioned English slang that can be a little difficult to comprehend.



The book covers many realistic scenarios that one may encounter in normal life in a country like Australia.  Discussing Internet Security, How to behave when out on the town, what to do if your house is burgled.  Some of his self-defence seemed to hold up to scrutiny (although obviously, you would need to practice it well before the event you needed it), as did his advice on basic Survival information.  His descriptions of the contents of a “bug out Bag” seem to be well considered, yet this information is available on many websites for free… yet, for a person new to prepping, it would be useful information.


The only drawbacks I found with this book was that I didn’t really get into the author’s style of writing, as well as feeling that many of his examples of survival in real life were either unrealistic for me, or repeatedly used for different situations.  As I mentioned previous, I also felt that the author’s style of writing to be a little difficult to read.  I don’t think he needed to include swear words to get his point across.

Sage advice… keep some distance from the car in front, and hands at one 10 and 2. Why didn’t anyone ever tell me this before?


If you are concerned about your lack of Survival knowledge, this book could be a useful read, providing you with some great knowledge on the topic.  I didn’t really get a lot out of it and found it a bit of a struggle to finish, yet that is just me.

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