Taking some time to get my rifle ready

After my successful Wallaby hunt I have realised the value a rifle with a scope.  Hunting with iron sights is fine, especially for someone with a great deal of experience.  For someone like myself, with limited experience, the advantage of using a scope will mean the difference between getting myself a wallaby, or coming home empty handed.

I own a scope which I bought for installation on my .308 rifle, yet I never found the time to sight it in before I moved from my last home in Collinsvale.  Now that I have little land, I don’t have the room to complete this, and therefore I can’t use the it reliably.  An unsighted scope is worse than no scope at all.  My friend with whom I have been wallaby hunting was kind enough to offer to assist me in zeroing the scope on his property.  After I placed the scope on my .22 rifle, I travelled to my friend’s house where we could complete the task.

I could have gone through the time-consuming process of trying to shoot at the target, and try to guess how close you are to the bullseye.  I was fortunate to have access to a sighting device, called a Collimator, which saved me a lot of ammo by allowing me to zero the crosshairs in a little closer to the centre of the target.

Not the Collimator which I used, yet a similar model to show you what I am talking about

The process of sighting in the rifle involves taking a shot at the centre of a target sheet and checking where the shot actually landed.  You then adjust your rifle’s cross hairs so that it is moved in the direction you wish to actually hit.  Fire again at the centre of the target and check… this process can go on for a while, yet with the Collimator it took much less time.


A similar target to the one I used… although obviously my shots were much better.

After we sighted in the scope my friend challenged me to shoot one of my empty .22 cases off a post.  I was extremely doubtful I could accomplish this, yet I thought it would be fun to try.  The case was placed on a post, and I set up around 50 metres away.  I carefully took aim and when I was ready, I squeezed the trigger.  The moment I saw the round hit the case, seeing it fly off into the air, filled me with a great sense of accomplishment.  I doubted that I could achieve the shot, yet knowing that my rifle is now capable of such precision shooting fills me with confidence that when I do go hunting I will be able to hit my target exactly.  It would have been great to find that case, yet that proved to more difficult than making that shot.

I think it will now be a tradition with me to do this whenever I sight in a scope… to shoot an empty case to prove that my rifle is accurate.

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