The accidental death of a chick

Another accident happening on the homestead, where I unintentionally killed a chick while preparing to feed them.  I had moved the chicken tractor in order to give the chicks some fresh grass (what there is of it after such a dry summer) to eat.  As I moved the tractor I heard a loud screech and I stopped my motion.  A chick started flailing around the hutch and then lay still, blood leaking from it’s head.  I rushed over and picked it up, where upon it continued to flail around (and cover me with blood).  I rushed to the house to grab a paper towel to try to clean the blood.   I had assumed that it was a superficial wound and the chick was just over reacting.  I stood there, trying to keep the chick calm while explaining to Kitty what had happened.  After a couple of seconds I realised the chick had died while I was patting it.  It was very sad and I felt terrible for accidently causing this to occur.


I am sure you can hear in the video I am very disappointed, both due to the terrible loss of the little life that I had helped look after, also for the loss of an investment.  It is hard to over look the fact that when you keep animals, they will sometimes die.

My son wanted to bury the little one, so we found a nice place in the garden for him to conduct a little burial.

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