The battle against the mice rages on…

I thought that I had beaten the mice with all the work I had done in the greenhouse.  You may recall I have mentioned the trouble I have had with them in the past.  My little plant protector had ensured that my seedlings were not molested by the midnight rodents… yet I failed to make an impact on their activites.

When I found that they were climbing into the buckets and eating their fill I started to cover the buckets with a wire screen, yet the mice learnt that they could push it out of the way.  I decided to place an empty bucket into the main bucket (on top of the growing fodder), and that had great success for a while.  The mice seems to stop their visits, the only real sign of their actions were that if I failed to fill the grain soaking bucket enough, they would climb in there to eat some barley. I could live with that… especially as it was easy to put a little more water in the bucket.

All that changed a couple of nights ago.  When checking the buckets one evening I noticed that there was a hole bitten into the base of one of the buckets, with all the grain missing from just within the hole.  I realised that the area had a slight crack, which may have encouraged the mice to explore.  I removed all buckets from the fodder circulation which had a crack or flaw.  The next night, another bucket was chewed through… this one didn’t have a flaw, so I realised the mice were getting smarter.  I decided to double bucket every bucket to provide additional layers.

The next evening I found the lengths the mice will go to in order to eat fodder.  They had eat a large portion of a bucket.  I realised that I needed to up my game, so I have decided that I will need to use steel buckets.  I know that mice can eat through steel… I just hope that it is not something they realise.

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