“The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other’s life.” – Richard Bach

We are no longer a family without a dog… Errol arrived today!  We are so happy to have another dog.  I never realised how much we have become accustomed to the companionship and company that a dog provides.  I have missed the un-waiving love and loyalty that they give.  Well, no more, we now have a dog.  Errol is still a little shy, as he is getting to know us.  I also suspect that he misses his old family, as he seems a little sad at times.  He is used to a house with a dozen dogs, yet here, it is just him.

He is a little too curious about all the animals we have here.  He is getting along with our cat Ziggy, he has looked at the neighbors sheep, yet not worried about them.  He is a bit too interested in the chickens, yet he hasn’t done much but make them run away from him.  The rabbits… they are a bit of a different matter.   I have had to tell him off many times for trying to break into the rabbit hutches.  I am going to have to reinforce them to make it harder for him to get in to them.  He is also stressing them out by trying to get to them.  I don’t think he means anything, he is just curious.

Ziggy is not amused.

We also have a new Rabbit addition to the family.  She is a Blue British Giant, she is very young, yet she looks great already.  She is actually an early gift for my son, for his birthday, yet we will breed her with Rodger (our male rabbit) to try to get some interesting coloured kits.  The person who breeds the British Giants that I buy is getting out of the business, so this may be the last one I buy for a long time.

She doesn’t have an official name yet, although I understand it may be soon decided.

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