“The future belongs to those who prepare for it today.” – Malcolm X

This weekend found me doing a lot of work in preparation for the end of Winter.  I have neglected my compost making, so I have been looking at getting this back on track in order to have compost for Spring.  I began the weekend with a family outing to a local wall climbing venue, as my two sons want to practice this skill.  My eldest son made it all the way to the top of the wall for the first time, so I was very proud.  Afterwards we went and enjoyed some fresh chips at the waterfront before heading to the hardware store so that I could buy some more containers for my fodder growing.

Working on the fodder in the sun

My real work began when I was home and was checking on my rabbit skins.  These have been drying out over the last week or so.  As they were drying out I took this chance to remove some excess fat that was still on the hides.  Most of it came off like a dream, only some stuck to the skin, so I peeled the membrane off of the skin.  This worked well, until I became carried away and I tore a few holes in the skin.  Kitty came by to chat while I was doing this and took a few photos of me in action.

Just removing the excess

 I have chatted to a friend of mine, who advised me that my failure to produce compost quickly has been due to my lack of green material being added to my pile.  I had an issue though… all my grass was still very low due to the season and predation by small wildlife.  So, this weekend I set about the task of building up a large mound of green material from other matter, and to this end I started digging up some old grass trees that were growing near my garden fence.  I also cut back some large weeds that were growing out of control.  To break up this matter, I lay out all the material on the ground and rode over it with the ride on lawnmower.  This produced an excellent mulch of green material.  Between winter showers I worked on the compost pile and built a respectable mound by the end of the day.  Unfortunately, I had an accident with my ride on mower.  While cutting up the green matter I suspect I hit a rock, which flew about 50 meters in the air and smashed into my mother-in-laws car rear window.  I only noticed it when I went to go back inside and the glass was laying on the ground.  I told my mother-in-law over afternoon tea, and she wasn’t too upset by it, which was a relief.

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