“The garden is growth and change and that means loss as well as constant new treasures to make up for a few disasters.” – May Sarton

Winter has hit us with an unexpected cold snap this week.  We were still enjoying fairly warm weather up till this point, with many a day spent outside without anything too warm on to keep out the cool.  I have been contemplating when I should prune my fruit trees and where to begin my winter garden.  I did not plan for the swift onset of winter and I have paid for it.  My son’s rabbit, Marylin, gave birth yesterday.  I had expected this to happen this week (considering when she was mated with the father of the bunnies), yet I didn’t expect the cold to be so… cold.  She gave birth to nine little bunnies, yet (maybe due to it being her first litter, or the effect of the cold) they all died.  My son was obviously very upset about this and I explained to him why this occurred.  That Marylin would be a good mother next time, yet we would wait till closer to Spring before we tried again.

Here is Marylin sitting among the hair she removed from herself to make a nest.

We had a little funeral for them, where I said a couple of things over their grave.  I planted them beneath my Peach tree, which my son seemed to appreciate.  I think the little funeral made him feel a little better, as though there was closure on the sad little affair.


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