“The greater our knowledge increases the more our ignorance unfolds.” – John F. Kennedy

Oh No!

How do you know you are a Prepper?  For me it was easy, for other people… they may not even realise that they are a Prepper.  This happened recently with one of my colleagues at my work.  We were both in the kitchen, having a chat as we made our coffee.  I believe that we were talking about the benefits of UHT milk over normal milk, as people often comment on my using UHT milk.  I told her that I keep a few litres of UHT milk in my desk for my coffee… she told me that she has a couple of dozen at home.  This piqued my interest, as it is not something I hear my colleagues say, and it sounded like she had some food stores.  I pursued this line and she told me that she likes to have a lot of food in her pantry for when the “Zombies come”.  Obviously I realised she wasn’t serious, yet the fact that she had items in her pantry made me suspect that she may be a Prepper.  I turned our conversation down the route of food supply, using a few words which Preppers use.  While she understood what I was getting at, I could see that the terms I used were not familiar to her.  After some more discussion I understood… she Prepared, yet she did not call herself a Prepper.  I took the opportunity to tell her about my thoughts on Prepping, and that I believed that she was a Prepper, which she agreed sounded right as she was doing the same things as a Prepper.

During our conversation it came to light that she did the things which we as Preppers do, yet she had her own names for them.  A Bug out Bag was an Away from Home bag.  Her Bug out Location was her Fall Back location.  I was very impressed that she had come to these conclusions all by herself, she had decided on the need to prepare and how to do it without guidance from the community.  I, on the other hand, only came to the same realisations through extensive research and communication with other preparedness minded people.  While I wanted to prepare, I didn’t know how to begin.  My colleague wanted to prepare and came up with the solutions to her problems herself.

My colleague said that she now knew that she was a Prepper.  I agreed, yet we both pointed out that the term Prepper was just a label, and she was Preparing with or without calling herself a Prepper.

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