“The greatest wealth is to live content with little, for there is never want where the mind is satisfied.” – Lucretius


I have started back into my Tap-Out exercise regime.  I have decided that as I have taken so long to recover, I need to restart the program, the first night being Cross Core Combat.  I really hated this the first night I did it (or so I seem to recall), yet this time it wasn’t that bad.   I did 15 minutes of the 45 minute program and decided to call it a night.  An online calculator (MyFitnessPal) I checked estimates I lost 280 Calories!  After 15 minutes I was concerned that I might damage my shin splint and I needed to get to work on preparing the house for another potential buyer to inspect.  Which is some good news.  It looks like someone may be putting in an offer on our home.  Last night I ran the session called “Strength and Force Upper”.  I lasted 25 minutes before I decided to call it a night, due to a twinge of pain I had in my shoulder… as I said, I am taking it very carefully at the moment.  My Fitness Pal estimates I lost around 370-400 calories… so that is nice.


We have some good news on our home.  We had some people look at it recently and put in an offer which we were able to accept.  With this we will be starting to make more positive steps to our lives and moving in the direction we want.   Our agent informed us that these people are the weirdest and rudest people she has ever dealt with… I actually respect them a little for their boldness.  When they made an offer, it was a bit lower than we were willing to accept.  Kitty and I have done the sums and these is a certain amount which we can not go below.  We asked our agent to inform them of our lowest price, and if they met it, they could have the house.  They did increase their price to match our need, yet they came with a caveat.  They wanted certain items of furniture thrown in, and threatened to walk away if we refused.  Normally, I would take offense at such rudeness.  In this situation, I admire their stance, although it isn’t really required.  Most of the items they requested are actually part of the house, so they would have been included regardless.  Other items were going to prove very difficult to remove, so we would need to leave them (such as some large cupboards).  To be honest, many of the items we could do without, and with our plan to downsize the house, we also intended to downsize our possessions.  With this sale, we are putting an offer on the house which we want, in a beautiful little seaside town.


Something which was interesting that occurred the other day, I received a phone call from the owner of a house which we put an offer on a few months ago.  We loved the house, it seemed like it would be great for us.  The land size was much smaller than I ever considered accepting (1/3 an acre) yet I could see that I could make it work.  We put an offer on the property and the owners turned us down.  Being stubborn, I decided I would look elsewhere… which was when we found our new house on the coast.  Anyway, the owner of the property called, told me that he had made a mistake and asked if we would put another offer for his house, as he wanted to accept it and buy a new one.  I was very confused, as I had never been called by a seller before.  I told him I would considered it, and he gave me his phone number should I have any questions.  The next day I received a call from this vendor’s agent.  The agent told me that his employers had fallen in love with a property and wanted to sell fast.  I told the agent that, to be honest, we had moved on from that property and found something more suitable.  I said that I doubted we would be making an offer, yet if I did I would let him know.  I felt a little sorry for these people, they had made a similar mistake to us, and turned down a good first offer, only to realise that that was the best one they would receive.

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