The highs and lows of a new puppy dog.

Having our new puppy around has really lifted all of our moods, which can suffer during the winter months.  This is especially the case with me, as I really missed my old dog Morleigh.  Orlaith is a handful (which I will go into more details shortly about that), yet despite the trouble she causes, she is such a happy and lovely little girl that it is impossible to stay mad at her for long.

The main problem we have experienced with Orlaith has been her… how shall I say… bowel movements.  After the first couple of days here, we noticed that she was having some trouble with this.  She was slightly toilet trained when we got her, yet after those first few days she started having a huge amount of trouble keeping it in till she went outside.  In short, we thought she had diareea.  The first day or two we thought it was bad, but day three rolled around and in the morning (when I would get up to work) there would be nearly a dozen little deposits from Orlaith.  I knew that if it continued for much longer we would have to take her to the Vet to be checked, yet I decided to try out a couple of things first.

I figured that the change in diet may be effecting her.  The food we gave her was special puppy dry biscuits.  I realised that these were very low in fibre.  After realising that she was trying to eat a lot of grass in the garden, Kitty and I decided that we needed to put more fibre into her diet… which took the form of a portion of cooked rice mixed in with a small amount of biscuits.  Almost immediately there was an improvement.  She stopped the nightly deposits and resumed her outside toilet visits.

It is also great to see the way our other dog, Errol, acts around Orlaith.  Before she arrived he would act like a puppy.  Now that we have Orlaith, Errol has taken on the role of the older mentor.  He rarely acts young in front of her and spends most of his time showing her the correct way to behave.  When she is not around he reverts to his puppy-like nature.  Often trying to get cuddles, or being his normal cute self.

In short, it is great to have a new puppy in the house and despite all the problems, I think things are going to work out fine.

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