“The important thing is to just get started. Because once you show people you are willing to do the work all kinds of opportunities will present themselves.” – Curtins Stone

I was listening to a few podcasts from Permaculture voices, with Diego and I was really inspired by episodes 8 and 26.  These episodes, Curtis Stone covered the concept of SPIN farming  which was interesting in itself, and the other was Paul Greive in episode 8 who talked about Primal Pastures, really fired my imagination.  I was really charged with the prospect of taking some of these ideas and putting them into a different direction for my goals.  Curtis Stone said a lot of things about his amazing business, growing food in an urban area and selling the produce at market gardens or city restaurants.  I was inspired by the way he took a chance and it really worked out for him.  I was also impressed with Paul Greive’s easy steps to a business… steps so easy it could be something I might be able to emulate (in my own style).


I mentioned that I have been trying to grow seedlings at my property in my mini-greenhouses.  While I want to do this to have seedlings ready to go straight into the ground when it is ready to grow, I have also had a mind to produce enough to sell at a local market stall.  I thought it might be a great idea to get to know people, make a little money, and try to make a little business.  With the failure of my seedling crop I have had to re-assess this plan (as well as reconsider how I went about the process… I need high quality seeds to produce a high quality product).  I haven’t abandoned the idea totally.  I will continue with my attempts to grow extra seedlings, to sell, and if I don’t sell all the excess I will plant them in the garden.  In fact, I noted the other night that one of my seeds has already germinated… as a small shoot has disturbed the ground.  An obvious and excellent sign that things are working well.


My new thoughts were to take the opportunity to use some of the land which my neighbor owns.  I may have mentioned this before yet I will mention it anyway, when we bought our new house the real estate agent mentioned that the owner of the paddock had offered (to the previous owner of my house) the use/rental and or purchase of the paddocks behind my house.  In fact, just the other afternoon I was chatting with my neighbor and he gave me permission to use his land to teach my children archery (with a compound bow I bought for the children to learn).  He told me that he is happy for me and my children to use his land whenever we like.

The paddock which has motivated me to try something new.


This leads me to the idea which I would like to put into action.  Pastured Poultry… it is something which Paul Grieve has done so I am not being original, yet it is something which I think I can put into practice with out putting my family in a difficult financial situation.  My plan is to source a supply of 20 chicks (or fertilised eggs along with an incubator) and place the chicks into a moveable pen on my neighbor’s paddock (with his permission).  Kitty could move them daily (or even twice daily) while I am at work and we can try to develop a market for live chickens that would be ready for sale in 12 weeks.  I could also investigate selling them at local markets, etc.  I will post some more information on this soon.


Now, I realise that this is alot to aim for… especially for the guy who can’t finish 90 days of Tapout without an injury or finish my 13 skills… yet as the quote Curtis Stone said, “The important thing is to just get started”.

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