The loss of a single Rabbit is terrible when you are the one to blame.

The loss of a single Rabbit is terrible when you are the one to blame, yet what about the loss of ten?  That is a lesson that you won’t soon forget.

On the weekend, Marylin gave birth to a batch of bunnies.  Unfortunately, they all died during the night.  This is the second time this has occurred and again I blame myself for the tragedy.  We had run out of hay for the rabbits a week or so ago.  Spring was really giving us some excellent, warm, days… so I kept putting off buying more hay.  I figured I would have time on the weekend when I did a bunch of other chores, so I left it for the Saturday.

On Friday last week, the weather really shifted.  We had cold days and even snow at higher altitudes.  While it was cold, I knew the rabbits would be fine for one night, so I was satisfied to buy the hay on the next morning.  I actually made a joke to Kitty that Marylin would probably give birth on Friday night as it was so cold.  How right I turned out to be.


In the morning on Saturday I was loading up my trailer with additional junk to take to the trash.  I walked past Marylin on my way to get some detritus and I noticed the still figures populating her hutch.  To say I was disappointed would be an understatement.  At first I blamed Marylin… wondering why she couldn’t keep at least one alive.  Then I realised it was my fault for being lazy and not buying the hay earlier.

The babies looked great… all wonderful colours and I am sure they would have grown to be great British Giants.  Yet now they are dead and I have to learn from my mistakes.


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