“The marble not yet carved can hold the form of every thought the greatest artist has.” – Michelangelo

As part of my improvements to our kitchen I have been focusing on our storage.  Having adequate storage space for food and other kitchen supplies is important, possibly more so to a Prepping family than to a non-prepping family.  In the past we have made do with the spaces we already had available, such as the area under our stairs.  With my building of the shelves in our kitchen I am focused on improving our storage space and making it suit our needs.  An example of this is that I have set out to ensure that the spaces between shelves match the items we would store (such as long life milk).  The shelves are also laid out in a manner which allows us easy view of the items we have, and any that we need to replenish.

Earlier this year I created a series of shelves which turned out much better than I had hoped.  I ended up using old wooden cupboard doors (which I had removed from the kitchen previously) as the basis for the shelves, which made the first ones very inexpensive to create.  Over the weekend I decided it was time to complete this project.  I had already bought the materials required, such as a laminated wooden boards and 2×4 planks so all that was required was my willingness to get finished.


The whole job wasn’t as difficult as the last set of shelves I installed.  The first shelves I installed took much longer to complete, I was inventing the process with no real knowledge or experience in shelf construction.  This time I had already developed the process so I was able to install a shelf in less than 30 minutes.  I was restricted in my work time by the rain outside (I was using a circular saw on an extension cord… I couldn’t do that in the rain) and I was also slowed down by the need for me to drill holes and screw into a plastered brick wall.  The project s pretty much completed.  I do need to plaster a whole I made in the back wall, and I am also thinking about adding one more shelf to the top, yet that is all for another day.

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