The mystery of the rabbit in a cage.

Our little bunnies were born some time ago, and to be honest, we should have organised their sale by now.  Yet we still have them, and they have been growing so nicely.

This afternoon, when I returned home from work, I was greeted with a surprise.  I found the little blue female in my bird cage, with all the doors closed.  She was sitting there watching me, which caused me to pause and wonder how she got in there.  I then checked her usual hutch… which she shares with her mother and little brother… and only Marylin (the mother) was there.  So now it was time to panic!

I immediately looked around, in somewhat of an alarmed state … and within 2 seconds I found the little boy.  He was on my wooden decking (nearby), just calmly watching me.  I went over and gave him a little pat then put him into a spare hutch.  I was so grateful that he is very friendly.  I then went inside and I asked my family who put the little girl in the bird cage… I was surprised when the answer was that no one knew what I was talking about.  I don’t understand how the rabbit can get into a closed cage.  I am guessing either someone is lying, or we have a ghost.

After interrogating my family, I picked up the little blue girl and I noticed her left hind leg was hanging loosely.  I checked her and it appears that her knee is dislocated.  I am so sad for her… as she is such a pretty little bunny.  I am going to leave her for tonight, yet I am pretty sure that tomorrow I will have to put her down.  I asked Kitty if anything unusual happened today, and she said Orlaith was chasing something, yet when she checked she couldn’t see anything.  I suspect that Orlaith may have injured her.

I guess I will never know the truth… I will have to just try to fix the situation as best as I can.

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