The older you become, the harder it is to make friends.

As an older person, it can be hard to meet new people that I like.  I have a group of friends that know me, they have accepted me and my imperfections.  Meeting new people can be an inconvenience and can allow you to be being taken advantage or for granted.  I was very surprised when I recently met someone who lives (relatively) near me and shares similar views on prepping.  It all happened due to my sons, who have a couple of friends with whom they attend school.  Kitty drove my boys over to visit their friends recently and while she was there she was chatting to the parents… they have some property and seemed interested in self-sufficiency (which is, in my opinion, an indicator that the person may be a prepper).  They also have several dogs, one of which is a Maremma.  When Kitty told me they have a Maremma I instantly said I need to go see the dog when it was time for my son’s to be picked up.  You see, I still miss my old dog George who we had to give away to be re-homed.

When I arrived there I was greeted by the owners of the house, who were happy for me to come see their dog.  As dog lovers themselves they appreciated my enthusiasm for their canine companions.  While giving their Maremma a good scratch on his head, I got to talking to the gentleman who owns the house with his partner.  He has a sizable piece of land which he is using to provide for his family’s needs, working with his partner to tend to their animals and grow food.  They are working hard towards the ideal of being self sufficent.  They have pigs, sheep, goats, bees, pheasants, chickens, ducks, and a bunch of other animals I can’t remember.  He has committed to providing all his families meat requirements from his flock, supplemented with hunting and fishing.  I can’t even begin to explain how amazed I was at their set up… it was very inspiring.

These people are very advanced along the path of self sufficiency, producing fodder for their animals and using all the produce they can gather to provide for their needs.  They were also very welcoming, which is (as I mentioned above) something I am not used to experiencing… yet it is very welcome.

We talked for ages… all about his plans and the work he was doing on his property.  I talked about some of the things which I was working on and we had a great old chat.  After a while I realised I should get going, so he and I wandered over to Kitty and his partner who were having a good chat themselves.  It was then that Kitty told them they should check out my blog for more information on my projects.  To be honest, I freaked out a little… I don’t tell people when I first meet them that I am a Prepper… I prefer to wait a little while before broaching that subject.  Despite the fact that Prepping has become more common place, I still worry a little how people will react to news that I prepare.  They asked my blog address, which I told them (all the while feeling very self-conscious), and they looked at each other and said “Prepper?”  I prepared myself for the jokes which often accompany this, yet I was surprised when they said that they too were Preppers.  I laughed, saying I should have realised from the topics of our conversation.  We got to chatting about more “on topic” prepping subjects before I was asked if I was interested in coming over one evening for some Wallaby hunting…. This is something I have been keen on doing so I accepted the offer and told them I would be in touch later.

Just a generic stock image of people meeting people.

When we drove away from the house, I felt great.  Meeting people who share your views on issues is rare for me and it always surprises me when I do meet someone who is a Prepper.  I think I have become trapped in a bit of a cycle of not meeting new people.  To be honest, I normally dislike meeting new people… having to tip-toe around topics that may offend them, listen to their views on subjects which I believe are wrong (yet being too polite to argue), etc.  Meeting this family has made me feel great and not so alone.  I feel that they will have a lot to teach me, and I may be able to help them in some way.

I know many people in the Prepping community are reluctant to meet new people, yet I would recommend that you give it a try.  You don’t need to advertise your preps to people, yet I believe that you should be willing to discuss your views with new people.  Know why you prepare, and why you feel it is important.  Which brings me to some tips for talking to people about Prepping?

  • Be polite – You don’t need to force people to prepare.  If you explain your position in a polite fashion people will be more inclined to at least listen.
  • Be knowledgeable – You don’t need to make up facts of figures, you just need to plainly explain why you believe preparing is important.
  • Be willing to back away – Some people don’t want to know about Prepping.  I have a friend who gets anxiety attacks when she thinks about Prepping, so I just don’t talk to her about it.  If someone is being antagonistic, or not interested in discussing the topic, I would recommend that you steer away from the subject of Prepping.  Some battles are not worth having.

So go on out there and meet some new people.

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  1. Thats is great Daniel. I too find it hard making new friends, but it is a great feeling when you find like minded people.

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