“The past is really almost as much a work of the imagination as the future.” – Jessamyn West

I spent a lot of time in the garden this weekend, tending to some end of season plants.  I wrote about the amount of food I have produced in the garden in my post from March.  Now is the time to plant some seeds for the winter, as well as a little more harvesting.  The weekend days were warm and sunny, with the gusty Autumn wind preventing me from a couple of projects.  This was the perfect time to work on the garden.

Couple of my chickens hanging out in my orchid
Couple of my chickens hanging out in my orchid

I removed the last of my corn stalks, feeding them to the chickens and rabbits.  They all seemed to enjoy eating them.  I then proceeded to plant in green manure into the ground, to improve the soil.  This only worked for a couple of hours, until some roaming chickens scratched the seeds from the ground.  I haven’t bothered about their roaming before now, as they have done no damage but for eating some strawberries and blueberries.  Now that they are disturbing my work I will have to think about a solution.

In one section of the garden I noticed the edge of a potato peeking from the ground, which reminded me that I had thrown couple in these (or three to be exact) into the ground when I planted out some excess seeds (seeds that had expired).  I dug around and removed all the potato from these and I was pleasantly surprised at the amount I harvested.  I gathered a large basket full of delicious, home grown potatoes.

My harvest. Many potatoes, two Zucchini and a Sugar Beet (I originally thought it was a Diakon radish)

I then wondered how the potatoes I planted in my raised bed fared, so I took a trowel to them.  Once again, I was surprised at the result, yet not for the same reason as last time.  This time, after harvesting three potato plants I gathered three potatoes.

  • One had one potato
  • One had no potatoes, and
  • One had two potatoes.


As you can see, this is a poor excuse for a Potato plant.  I hope some of my other plants have more to offer.  I have mentioned this before, yet I will do it again… the two tomato appearing fruit at the right side are Potato seeds.  I have been told they are highly poisonous.  While they look like tomatoes, they are not… so do not eat them.

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