“The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.” – William Arthur Ward

The weather here on Saturday night and Sunday morning was a little extreme.  I have checked the Bureau of Meteorology’s website  and I notice that on Saturday night the wind gusts were 83kms an hour, with the wind at 46km per hour.  Sunday morning, wind gusts reached 109 kms.  IMG_0280

This would explain why my little experiment in the garden was ripped to shreds.   Kitty asked me why I was surprised, it was obviously a temporary measure.  This was true… I only hoped that it would last longer than a couple of days.  To prevent loss of the growing plants to the Geese and Chooks in the garden I replaced the old mini poly-tunnels over the garden beds.  I will need to move the animals out of the garden area in the next week or two (possibly after my next open house) and I can then get my garden into a much more productive state.

Anyway… need to keep working on the garden regardless of these set backs.  Oh, learned something new… my Rabbits do NOT like Zucchini.  I fed them all some Zucchini and only one of my Rabbits ate some, yet left the majority of it.  Does anyone else out there have Rabbits which Hate or love Zucchini?  I would be interesting in hearing from you.

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