“The purpose of our lives is to be happy.” – Dalai Lama

Sorry for the lack of content. I do not currently have an internet connection so I am forced to type this on my iPod.  Also, I can’t upload any of the new photos, so I will do that once my Internet is sorted out.

Finally, after around eight months of work, we are in our new home. We moved in on Friday last week after a hectic couple of weeks of craziness. As I mentioned previously, we were expected to move in on the Monday… yet the bank screwed up something, forcing us to wait till Friday for the move. We arranged the removalists to come on the Thursday, to load everything in the truck and to deliver half the next day, with the remainder on the Monday. I helped the removalists as much as I could, carrying heavy things, moving stuff for them. In the end, my arms were so intensely in pain that I felt like they would fall from my body. As well as helping the removalists, I had to justify my possessions (as they kept asking why I had this thing or that) as well as listen to them complain about various removalist issues. I put up with it all in the interest of being friendly, offered them drinks and biscuits, etc. I won’t go into the boring details of the various screw ups with the move, most of them were due to the removalist company. I can assure you that I would not recommend Chess Removals to anyone and I will be sure to tell anyone I know who considers using them to reconsider.

I mentioned in my last post that I managed to catch my Ginger Rabbit. After posting that last content, I also managed to catch Magic Babe (my Black Rabbit), and I accounted for the male. My dog Morleigh rocked up to the house on the Wednesday morning with Daddy Rabbit (as we called him) dead in her mouth. I suspect that she killed it, yet it doesn’t really matter whether she killed it or found it dead. Kitty and I were going to look into buying a new breeding male (hopefully a Blue British Giant)

While my black and white female never went too far, she was too elusive to catch.


The day before the move, amid a light snow fall, I loaded a hutch into my van and placed the two rabbits in cardboard boxes. I placed Ginger into the van and told my family (who were standing near Magic Babe’s box) to wait for me to return in 10 minutes. I drove to my friend’s house and unloaded the hutch and Rabbit before returning home to take the second. When I pulled up to the carport, I saw Magic Babe hopping about with my family nowhere around! I realised I made a mistake, I should have told my family to watch the rabbit. I spent 15 minutes in the cold evening, trying to catch Magic Babe, only to be thwarted at every attempt. Eventually she went to hide under some thick bushes and I was forced to decide that I could not catch her.

As I mentioned, on the Friday we moved into the new house. We are really enjoying the location, being in a little town, yet close to the beach. Kitty has already begun a list of “little jobs” for me to do to the house… possibly enough to keep me busy for every weekend for a whole year! We are also looking keenly at the garden, working out where everything will go. So far, we are happy with the new house and are really excited about the new projects which we will undertake.


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