“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” – Mark Twain

I have collected half a dozen pallets, which are to be pulled apart and used to build another Rabbit Hutch.  I promised my eldest son that, if he could show that he could be responsible, we would buy him a Rabbit.  As we need a new Rabbit, this fulfills two roles… a pet for my son and a Male for my Female Rabbit.  They have sat on my drive way for a few days, which motivated my neighbor to come and ask if I wanted them, as she could use them to build a compost bin.  I had to disappoint her… telling her that I intended to use them to build a rabbit hutch.  I did tell her that I often get Pallets, and if I get any more that I don’t need I would be sure to give them to her.

Ginger sitting alone.

It is nice to have a neighbor close enough, and friendly enough, with who to have a nice little chat.

I also met one of my other neighbors on Sunday, a lovely couple named Garry and Lorraine, who are in the process of turning their home into a Bed and Breakfast.  The owner was so happy to show me around his property and I was very interested in his gardens.  I thought it might give me some insight into what would grow well on my land.  I was impressed with his produce:

  • Large, fully grown, cabbages
  • Several 100 Garlic plants
  • Broccoli
  • Cauliflower

These plants would not have grown in Collinsvale, at least, not without some sort of protection.  This person had grown them in the ground, in the open. 

Some of the soil from my garden.

He did show me an issue he had with his soil.  It was very dense clay.  He told me some of the ways he had tried to fix this, such as spreading gypsum, I recommended growing some green manure and chopping it down once it had grown.  He told me that he had done this with little results.  I have since done a little research and I have found that it would be important to also ensure that there are worms in the ground to help bring the manure into the soil.  In addition to this, moving animals (such as chickens) over the ground would be useful, as their manure and scratching will help free the soil.  I will mention this to them when I see them next.  I do have to have a chat with him about the possibility of using some of his paddock (maybe renting, or something like that).  He did tell me he wouldn’t mind if my children played on his paddock, as long as they avoid his dam (due to the danger of drowning).  Seems like a nice guy.

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