The Trouble with Chickens

Owning chickens can be fun and educational.  They also provide a return on your investment in the form of meat, eggs, insect control, manure, companionship, education and can be good for a laugh.  They are also a roller coaster ride of accidents and trouble.

Chickens can wreck havoc on your garden, by getting in to your carefully tended produce.   I have had Chickens destroy well established Rosemary bushes, wreck freshly harvested Tomatoes (which were left unattended for 30 seconds) and don’t get me started on how they can annihilate a Strawberry patch.  In this video you can see my Hen attacking the low hanging apples in my orchid.  She is doing this to feed her young, adopted, chicks… so I can’t be upset.  It is still going to mean less apples for me.

They also do unexpected things which can cause issues.  I have previously written about accidentally killing a chick… well it looks like I have done it again.


Thankfully, the chicken wasn’t seriously hurt and it worked out that it had no serious damage.


Having chickens around is great, yet if you do decide to own some of your own, be ready for a very busy time.

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