“The Universe is one great kindergarten for man. Everything that exists has brought with it its own peculiar lesson.” – Orison Swett Marden

Watched a show on ABC a week or so ago, called “Pot Cops”.  I thought that I might talk about the show here, as it seems like it was pushing a particular point of view and expecting it’s viewers to believe everything that they said.

At one point in the show, around 6 drug police had located an illegal Marijuana plantation in the wilderness.  The police all un-holstered their pistols and began hunting for any farmers in the area.  The police kept advising the viewer that these drug growers were the most vile and violent people known to man.  These drug farmers would apparently “Slit your throat in an instant”, they were deadly and the Police were in great danger.  I was curious as to why these police would enter such a dangerous place with nothing more than a pistol.  Shouldn’t they be sporting long arms, like a rifle?  As Client Smith famously said, “A handgun is for shooting your way to your rifle.”  So why would they only bring a pistol?   I then started to think about the danger of this situation.  Was the situation really as dangerous as they stated?  I searched my memory… I have seen many of these types of shows and I can never recall an actual shooting.  I have never read or heard of a news report stating that Police had a shoot out with a cartel, or that they killed the drug growers, or even a story about the heroic police who died during such a raid.  I searched the internet for articles on shootings at plantation raids, and could find no stories.  In fact, one story, states as the Largest Marihuana plantation in the Mexican desert (apparently 120 tons of plants equals $160 million. That sounds a little expensive to me at $133 per 100gms) captured 60 people… with no one injured or killed.  To counter that, I should say that I did find this article does describe a shooting at a plantation, yet it was the farmer who was killed when he aimed a shotgun at the police.  Another plantation had two armed men, one with a shotgun, another with a pistol.

Discovery Channel
Couple of the characters from the show – Source: Discovery Channel

Talking about the unrealistic aspect of the amount seized.  The cops in “Pot Cops”, at the same plantation I mentioned above, pulled up the plants and arranged for a helicopter to take it (as well as them) to a base they had set up.  The stated that they had captured 15 plants, with an estimated street value of $1 million.  I couldn’t believe my ears.  These 15 plants, when dried, would not be worth 1 million dollars.  The load filled up 1/3 of a trailer, so I would estimate it was around 20kgs of plants.  That would be some pretty expensive drugs at around $500 per 100gms.

An article on Fox News has the police talking about the show and talks about one of the members of the team having been “… involved in a shooting during a marijuana crackdown.”  I have seen many news articles and reports on the TV, where the police show all the drugs they have captured, the money and weapons, etc.  They never state that any Police or criminals were injured.  When I was younger, I knew a woman who was growing pot illegally in the bush.  She told me a story about this, that she had planted the seeds in a remote area and every couple of weeks would go by and check on them.  At the time for harvesting, she and a friend of hers, drove to the location.  They dressed as men, so they may disguise themselves.  This woman harvested the plants, put them in large garbage bags, and started to cart them to the car.  After the second trip, as she walked back to pick up the last bag, she saw a man watching her from near the plants.  She yelled at him in a deep voice to get out, but he started to come towards her.  She ran away, got in the car, and drove off.  This seems more like the attitude of every grower I have ever seen or heard.  They flee from the scene… they don’t fight.  Even the article from the Daily Mail… a reportedly $160 million plantation… had no armed guards.  This would be something the cartels would be interested in protecting.

The cop checking the 15 plants.

While I am sure that there may have been, at one point or another in the history of Drug Enforcement on Marijuana plantations, a shootout between Criminals and Police… I doubt it is as dangerous or common as these shows make out.  They seem to be attempting to demonise the drugs and building up the people who protect us from them.  My point here is that you should think critically about the information you are given.  Don’t just accept everything you are told… Learn to think for yourself.


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