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Our chickens have hatched from their eggs, so I have had a very interesting time looking after our new babies.  They started to hatch on Saturday, which was how I planned (I placed the eggs in the incubator on a day that would mean the eggs would hatch then).  Only one hatched on Saturday, and I was worried that I would have only one chick from the 12 eggs I placed in the incubator.  That would be both a terrible success rate, and also mean that I would have to put a lot of effort into raising a single chick.  I left the single chick in the incubator over Saturday night, so that it could dry out and be safe while I spent some time on Sunday setting up the brooder box.

On Sunday, Kitty and I had to prepare for a market at which we were to have a stall (I will write a post about this later in the week).  I didn’t have a lot of time to deal with the chick, yet I noticed that a couple more had hatched overnight, and at least two more eggs had little cracks on the shells that were promising.  When we returned a few hours later, some more chicks had hatched, yet not all was well.  One of the chicks was dead (I think it’s neck was stuck between turning trays and it was crushed) and another had it’s leg stuck in a groove, which was almost impossible to remove.  I had to remove all of the chicks from the incubator and place them into the brooder that I set up while I gave the last couple of eggs a chance to hatch (they turned out to be empty of life).

I filmed the last chick emerging from it’s egg.

It is a very short video, as I couldn’t leave the lid off for more than a few seconds (it might endanger the chick’s health/life).  You can see from the video, it seems pretty exhausted from it’s effort.  I think it is pretty amazing and not something you would see every day.

Sadly, the chick with the bad leg died a couple of days later.  I don’t think it had eaten (despite me putting it near the food), as it was very small compared to it’s siblings.  I now have seven chicks that are healthy and seem very happy.

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