“The years have passed like swift draughts of sweet mead in lofty halls beyond the West” – Lord of the Rings, J. R. R. Tolkien

I have been posting a few images to my Instagram account, showing the great progress I have been making, and made, on my mead production.

I have followed a recipe that was given to me at the Huon small farm expo, by a homebrew group, and I am very impressed with the ease and taste of the first batch.  I am thinking I might need to ask a couple of friends to try it… Kitty and I have tasted it and enjoy it, yet I don’t know if we are biased as we (I) made it.

I started a couple more containers of mead after the last batch, in order to keep the momentum moving.  One of these was following the same recipe as my first batch, the second almost the same yet instead of an Orange I used a Mandarin.

So far (I think it is 2 weeks since creation) I am really looking forward to tasting the Mandarin mixture.  It already smells sweeter and looks like the best one of the two.

I scanned a copy of the recipe in order to share it with you all.  After I am satisfied with my take (I modified the recipe a little) I will share my version with you all.

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