“There are no rules of architecture for a castle in the clouds.” – Gilbert K. Chesterton

The seeds I planted a fortnight ago have made some awesome progress.  Nearly all of the seeds have taken root and are growing nicely, yet I shouldn’t be too surprised.  With all the experience I have gained in growing fodder for my Rabbits I would be shocked if I didn’t know what I was doing.  One of the things I have learned, which I only found in one book I read some time ago, is to plant seeds their thickness under soil.  I have much better results when I allow the seed to guide me.  With the weather starting to warm up I intend to do some work in the garden this weekend (after Saturday… the National election is on Saturday and I will be working for the Electoral Commission, so a busy day for me) and put up a couple of small poly tunnels to get the soil warmed up for seedlings.

It was time for my male rabbit to mate with my female black rabbit last night.  I really need to record this to educate people as to the process, although I am concerned that it might be flagged as inappropriate.  After this was complete I checked over my black and white female.  I confirmed, after checking her stomach, that she is definitely pregnant.  It should only be a few days before she gives birth, so I moved her into the now empty hutch in my garden, where she will have the space to raise her litter.  While in the Garden area, Kitty recommended that we keep the young chooks in the garden, now that the weather is warming up.  So they are now living in there with the geese and rabbits.

An image of the family from Doomsday Castle, found on the the National Geographic site.

National Geographic have come out with a new Prepper style program, called Doomsday Castle.  If you watched the second season of Doomsday Preppers you may recall this family as the one with the cinder block fort, where the father staged an impromptu competition to see which of his 12 children would inherit the property.

As I stopped watching Doomsday Preppers part way through the second season, I doubt that I will watch this one… unless there is nothing on and I come across it while skipping channels late at night.  I am sure that the people who appear on this show feel that they do it for good reasons.  Some of them want to enlighten people as to their views of the world, some of them need the money (I have no proof at all, yet I am pretty sure they would be paid to appear on the show.  I know someone who was on Australian Survivor and while he lost the competition and won no money, he was paid more money for his appearance than I would earn in a couple of years work).  I recall Jack Spirko talking about his meeting with the producer of Doomsday Preppers in October 2012, which has made me even more reluctant to like this show.  Yet, I must say, while I dislike these shows that portray Preppers in such a negative light, I have come to the decision  that they are more helpful than a hindrance to the Prepping community.  As I have mentioned previously, I used to be very reluctant to admit to people that I was a preparing my family for hard times.  Heck, I even came up with the term Prepper to hide my views on the subject and differentiate myself from the crazy Survivalists out there.  After Doomsday Preppers appeared on the TV, I have found it easier to “come out” about my views and explain to people how important it is to prepare.  I have also met several like-minded people due to this show, as it is a very easy way to break the ice on preparing.

I believe that more positives have come from these shows then negatives.  While these shows seem to attract more of the fringe crowd of Survivalists to appear on them, and while the show goes out of the way to make these people seem crazy, I feel that they should continue.  Hopefully the average person watching will pick up some of the tips from the show and maybe make a few steps towards preparedness.

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