“There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them.” – Denis Waitley

Last night I was flicking the channels on the tv when I chanced upon a television program I have heard of, yet never seen.  It was called Doomsday Bunkers.  The episode I witnessed was apparently episode three in the first season… I can not locate any other episodes so I would guess that the series was cancelled.  I can not say I am disappointed if this is the case.  The show had no real educational value and appeared to be an old fashioned “look at the freak” type show.  The show was broken down into three sections, in the first, the company which appears to be the focus of the show was developing and testing a “Tsunami Bunker” which is to float away in a Tsunami.  The second segment was on a woman who we were told by the narrator was terrified that a Nuclear reactor near her home would go into meltdown.  She had apparently predicted that this would happen soon, so she needed her Nuclear fallout shelter built and delivered in four weeks.  Spoiler alert for this, it couldn’t be delivered due to local laws until the roads had thawed.  She took this news very well, which was weird considering how urgent she needed the bunker.

Please do not watch this show. There is a chance it will make you stupid.

I checked out a clip on Youtube of the first episode, just to see what they were about.  It initially appeared to be a little more educational then the third episode I saw.  Then I was very surprised to see a Neo-Nazi named Shea Degan purchasing a bunker.  It mentions his “Prepping Group” being called 88 Tactical.  The number 88 is used by Neo-Nazi groups as a signifier of their intentions.  I won’t say any more about it here, as I don’t want to write about such disgusting things, yet if you are curious about the number 88, do a search or check Wikipedia.  I found a comment on the Doomsday Prepper forum where Shea Degan responds to queries about the “88″ in “88 Tactical” being Neo-Nazi.  He replies that in Nebraska police code it means “Situation Secure”.  I ran a few searches of the web yet could find no information to verify this.  I guess we will never know, yet hopefully I am wrong and he is someone who innocently selected a bad name for his company.

Anyway… I got on a weird tangent there.  Basically, I found the show Doomsday Bunkers to be a poorly considered program, with little to no educational value.  The only thing someone will get from this show is that Preppers are weird.  Now, a show like “Gardening Australia” is a much more educational show.  Today there was a segment on protecting your garden from common pests.  In garden I have experienced a small problem with a large pest.  I have caught one of my Geese eating the leaves off my Potato plants.  I was shocked when I saw this happen, as Potato leaves are poisonous.  I assumed that the Geese would not eat the leaves, yet I was wrong.  The Geese are fine, appearing not to be suffering any effects of the leaves.

As usual, my preferred unit of measurement… the iPod.

Finally, a bit of good news.  My chickens which I have raised from newly hatched chicks, have started laying eggs!  I noticed one of them hiding near my rabbit hutches and when I was in the area later in the day I found a small egg in the same place.  As you can see from the image above, it is smaller than the eggs layer by my more mature chickens, yet it tastes just as good.

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