“There is little that can withstand a man who can conquer himself. ” – Louis XIV

More improvements to the property in the form of a small greenhouse which I bought from a hardware store.  I purchased it some time ago, for around $70.  While it was small in size, it seemed like it would be a nice little step towards one day having our own full sized greenhouse.  It would also allow me to set up an automated watering system so that I can spend my time on other tasks around the house… rather than spending 10 minutes a day watering the seedlings in my current mini greenhouses (I use a little pump bottle to spray the seedlings without damaging them).



The frame of the greenhouse was not very strong.  It was a type of aluminum tubing with plastic joints.  I saw the fully assembled frame at the store when I bought it, so I knew what I was in for.  Once I put the frame together I grabbed a can of spray of solvent based Adhesive, one that stated it could bond metal to plastic.  I carefully removed each tube from it’s plastic joint and sprayed it with the glue, before reattaching.  I did this for the whole frame, then left it to dry.  An hour later, I realised that the spray had no effect.  It was a total waste of time.  I then decided to go for the bigger guns, a PVC glue (used for gluing together PVC pipes).  This seemed to work part of the time, yet for the majority it didn’t have much effect.  I then pulled out the artillery, my rivet gun!  I had to drill some holes through the plastic and the tubing, then inserted a rivet into the hole.  This provided all the support I needed and made the frame much stronger.


I took some advice from an old Gardener I met a couple of years ago and attached chicken wire around the outside of the frame before attaching the plastic cover.  This would provide the greenhouse with additional support, during high wind, heavy rain, or even snow.  Attaching the wire took around 4 hours of work, and many cut fingers, yet I am glad I took the time to add this.


Finally, I dug out some of the ground at the location I wished to install the green house in order to make it flat.  I covered the ground with a tarpaulin to keep weeds from coming up, then secured the green house to the ground and a wooden frame which was positioned outside.

Morleigh is walking behind the green house, showing off her Ham bone.


The task has been completed.  Until I get around to installing the sprinkler system, I am watering the seedlings inside with a light hosing each day.  It makes it much easier to complete the task.

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  1. Thanks 4 info about how 2 make sturdier and chicken wire. Have been looking into getting one of these. Teresa

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