“There’s a fine line between fishing and just standing on the shore like an idiot.” – Steven Wright

We took some of our new rods down to the local shoreline, for a fun afternoon and also to attempt to work on my 13 skills.  We decided to walk down there, thinking that we would find a place to fish from at the local harbor.  We have seen Jetties down there that, from the road, looked perfect as a place to set up for a spot of fishing.  Once we walked down there, we found that one was in total disrepair, the other was privately owned.  We decided to walk even further and we eventually found a nice little jetty to use.

My Daughter is fishing from the rocks. You can see the jetty we used in the background.

We had little success… well, I should say that we caught zero fish.  Yet, none of us minded as we were just having a great time out at the water.  The only thing we caught was seaweed… a whole lot of seaweed.  It caused me to think that I could, if I was permitted, take some home and use it to make a fertiliser for my garden.  I understand that Seasol is made from seaweed… and I have been using that on my garden.  When I returned home from the day I found that according to local laws I am permitted to gather up to 100kgs of seaweed.

I don’t see the need to gather that much, so I should be sweet.  I found quite a few sources for information on turning seaweed into a fertiliser, yet as I trust Gardening Australia for most of the information it provides, I am providing their link.  I also found a great blog at, Earth Easy, that has a lot of info on this.

My younger son, showing off his newly acquired casting skills.


We all enjoyed our little attempt at fishing, and I can say that the pride I felt when I taught my children to cast (and for them to learn so quickly, and not hurt themselves once) is hard to describe.  I could tell a lot of stories of how I learned to cast, of my failures that resulted in hooks through my hands and my back (as well as hurting some other people!).  Of my father having to make me practice casting a lead weight on my school oval for weeks before he was satisfied I would do myself (and no one else) any harm.

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