“Things do not happen. Things are made to happen.” – John F. Kennedy

Bit of a quiet one this weekend.  We have had a lot of rain… good for the water tanks, not so pleasant for working outside.  I spent most of yesterday (before the rain) tidying up my courtyard (which is our name for our fenced backyard), as that is where my dog George spends most of his time.., at least until I complete the dog fence.  I also spent a few hours digging a trench and laying more of the dog fence.  I am still waiting on my supplier of wire to complete my order for new wire as I have almost finished my current supply.

I also checked over my orchid, to see if I need to do any maintenance on my trees.  I found a few new suckers growing from some of them, so I removed them.  Most of the trees are still dormant due to it being winter, yet I could see some new growth on my Plum, Apricot and Nectarine trees. A great sign of things to come.

I had a nice surprise when I removed some fodder from the container I was about to use to feed my rabbits.  When I checked the fodder I found that it was unusually long and lush.  I suspect that this was a batch in which I mixed some wheat grain as a bit of an experiment.  I am impressed with the length of the green growth and I may have to come back and try some more wheat fodder.

I was watching Gardening Australia last night and I saw an excellent segment that could be an addition to my garden that I had not considered… Dung Beetles.  The story discussed a Northern Tasmanian gardener who is breeding and exporting Dung Beetles for use by farmers and gardeners.  The concept is that the beetles will work with the dung on the ground and move it up to a metre underground, which would do amazing things for fertility.  I am considering looking into getting my hands on some, as I have a couple of horses agisting in my lower paddock.  These dung beetles could do some excellent work in the field.  In addition to this, I have been keeping my geese in my fenced garden over the winter, so that they can fertilise the ground and keep my grass low.  I have been recently wondering how I will work my garden beds now that they have about an inch of goose poo on them.  This might be the answer I was seeking.

A close up of a potential garden helper

I found a great explaination of the wonders of the Dung Beetle at Burke’s Backyard.  Might be a good read for anyone interested after watching the Gardening Australia segment.

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