“Think for yourselves and let others enjoy the privilege to do so, too.” Voltaire

I have been recently contact by a member of the media, asking if she could discuss Prepping with me for some research.  I was originally a little suspicious and stand offish about talking to anyone from the media.  I have watched the show Doomsday Preppers (as I am sure many of you have) and I see how some of the more normal people are represented.  I realise that not everyone on that show has the full deck of cards, yet I have read enough information from the guests on that show to know that many times they are shown in an unfavourable light.

Nuclear Family? Image from Doomsday Preppers on Nat Geo


In my previous incarnation (an old job), I worked in a media contact area, and I saw first-hand the way the media would be told one thing, and change it when they print the story.  I had seen many times journalists trying to make a scene, attempting to get priority as if they were someone important (this never worked, yet it was interesting that they tried it).  I won’t go into details, yet I would listen to Media Contact tell the journalist something, yet when they printed the story they would misrepresent the quote.  This is just one of the many interactions I have had with the media in my life… nearly every one of them was a negative experience.  So, as you can see, I have a pretty low opinion of the media.

I haven’t mentioned it before now, yet several months ago I was contacted by a journalist for Triple J, Hack.  The journalist expressed his interest in interviewing me for the program, which was a little flattering.  It was the first time any media had contacted me, and Triple J Hack is something that I listen to daily.  Despite my feelings, I thought it would be wise to ask a few questions of the journalist. I asked the Triple J journalist what caught his eye about my blog, and what was his angle for the story.  He replied that he was interested in my father who previously worked for Army Intelligence, and that he motivated me to want to prepare.  The journalist never mentioned his angle.  I decided immediately that I did not want to do this interview, so I politely thanked him for his interest and declined the invitation.  The journalist was very gracious about it.

Several weeks later, Triple J Hack ran the story on “Preparing for the end of the world“.

Peter, the host of Oz Preppers. Image courtesy of Daily Mail Australia.

After reading the transcript, I think I made the right decision.  The person they interviewed came off as a total wack job (crazy person).  I couldn’t believe the stuff they had included, which made the person look really crazy.  Peter, the person they interviewed, mentioned on his website that he was taken out of context on a few issues.  I think it is important to show people that Prepping is a very good decision, not something that is weird.  When the media portrays someone as “way out there”, when they focus on the crazy scenarios, it is damaging to the whole idea of prepping.

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