“Thou seest how sloth wastes the sluggish body, as water is corrupted unless it moves”. Ovid

I have had a few very busy days in the garden this week.  With the fact that we don’t seem to be selling our house as fast as Kitty and I had hoped, I am taking the time to work in the garden.  Expanding on my garden beds by installing additional raised beds, working on the compost and tending to the orchid.

First thing to say though, is that my Geese are very bad parents.  I am now down to one Gosling out of five.  This is very disappointing, as the reason I have Geese is to produce meat.  When they fail to produce a crop (I know that isn’t the correct word, yet it works here the fact that they are producing a product for me) it means that they are a drain on the system.  Sure, they provide a service for me, by fertilising the ground and keeping my grass low, yet by failing to protect their flock they are a failure.  So much so that I had a stern talking to them about how disappointed I am, and should they lose this last baby I will be butchering them the same day.  I suspect they think I am bluffing.

They certainly look like they are protecting the gosling. Truth is their positioning is probably just an accident.

As you may recall from my last posting, my attempt to protect my garden from the Geese and other animals turned out to be a failure.  The frost netting I used was destroyed days after installation by intense winds.  I have come up with a new idea, version 2 if you like.  I have utilised some left over wire which I obtained through a very profitable barter and built a wire shell over the garden beds.  This will allow water, sun and bees in, yet prevent the loss of vegetable matter from the Geese (who love eating leaves).  I am pretty happy with the result so far.  I can post some instructions if anyone is interested (leave a comment if you would like this), yet I believe it is pretty easy to work out what I have done.  This is all one of the aspects of my 13 skill of Gardening.


Finally, I thought I would post an image of our strawberry patch, containing around 18 strawberry plants (as well as blueberry and currents).  This is pretty much all done by Kitty (apart from the wire fence, which I put up in 20 minutes) so you can see she is a real green thumb.  This area produces bucket loads of strawberries for us and keeps us in delicious deserts throughout the summer.


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