“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.” – Winston Churchill

I have started this year by renewing my commitment to lose weight/getting fit.  I weighed myself on Monday and I weighed 138kgs… this puts be back around the weight I was in the middle of last year before I started my fitness program and 5 in 2 fasting diet.  Definitely a little disappointing, yet not unexpected.  I did eat a lot of food over Christmas.  This week I have begun my exercising by using the Tap-out program which I used last year.  I am really struggling to get through each video… so tired after each one that I find it difficult to get up off the floor at the end of each DVD.  I know from past experience that this will pass and I will eventually be able to complete each DVD without too much pain.  Until I reach that point I will have to put up with the pain and exhaustion, and my kids are helping me a little with that.  One or two of my children will usually try to exercise with me in my training room, doing a couple of push-ups or star jumps… whatever the exercise is at the time that they feel like joining in with me.  They also help out by refilling my glass of water when I drink finish drinking it, and passing me the towel when I need to wipe my face.

Prime suspect.

I have mentioned previously that I have around 15 (or so… I can’t remember how many I have at the moment) Strawberry plants in my garden, all of them lovingly tended to by Kitty.  We have them fenced off to protect them from Possums and Wallabies, and we usually get more than enough Strawberries for all our needs in the Summer months.  Unfortunately our roaming chickens and rooster have found a way into the large Strawberry area and decimated our entire Strawberry harvest.  This is such a disappointment… we lovingly tend to these plants and provide them with all they require to produce food for us, then they are eaten by other animals.  I hope we still may produce some over the course of the next few months as I have found a few that are green, yet for now, we have no ripe Strawberries.  I decided to trim one of the wings on each of these birds and put them in a fenced area with my other chickens, to keep them from the Strawberries.  I have read in many texts that this will prevent the birds from flying.  Apparently my birds have not read the same books as I, and they can still fly with only one functioning wing.  I found them in the Strawberry patch the next day.  I will have to come up with a solution to this or we will have to resort to buying our Strawberries.

See any ripe Strawberries here? Neither do I.

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  1. That’s interesting – I’m also trying to lose weight and get fitter. I’ve been doing the 5:2 IF thing for a couple of months (well, for about 4 weeks before Christmas, then picked up again this week), and had been increasing my exercise for some time before that. I was 110 kg when I started about 4 months ago, and am currently about 102 kg (after sliding back at least a couple of kilos over Christmas).

    I’ve not tried Tapout, partly because I don’t really have anywhere I can do it. I’ve been doing kettlebells 2-3 times per week, and running 2-3 times per week. My usual run is 3.5 km, but I’ve also done some longer runs of about 7 km with a friend at work during lunchtime.

    Good luck with your efforts!

    1. Hey Darren,
      You sound like you are getting excellent results from your training even without something like Tapout. I saw the commercial for it and I felt like it could be something I could try. It is very difficult, yet I feel it is working. You only need around about 3m by 3m to do it as it is mostly on the same spot.

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