“To succeed in life, you need two things: ignorance and confidence.” – Mark Twain

We have some new arrivals at the Little Tassie Prepper homestead, with the recent hatching of the Goose eggs.  It was, as usual, a bit of a surprise when it occurred.  The evening before they hatched, when I went to feed the animals, I noticed that the mother Goose kept standing up and looking at the eggs on which she was sitting.  I was unsure whether the eggs were close to hatching, if she was unsure if they were fertile and was second guessing the time she has spent on them, or if it was a normal thing for a Mother Goose to do.  When my geese hatched previously they did so in privacy.  Their mother’s had gone into the forest at my house I thought I had lost them for a month and because of this I did not see them until after the babies had hatched.

When I went out in the morning to just soak in the serenity I was shocked to see the babies walking around the yard with their mother and father.  I called my family to come and see the wonder of the new arrivals.  The third goose in the yard (who is the Mother to the mother goose, which I guess makes the babies her grand geese) was very interested in the babies, yet the parents would not let her get a look.  This is strange in my opinion, as previous batches of Geese work together to protect the flock’s young.  This was out of the ordinary in my opinion.  Anyway, as you can see from the video below, the babies are having some trouble walking.  This may be common as they are only a few hours old at this point.

As you can see, there are only four babies.  The fifth egg did not hatch.  I left it there for a few extra hours to see if it would do so, yet nothing.  Something of great interest… the empty egg shells are not in the nest, at least there was very little remaining.  I suspect that either the babies or the mother ate them, yet this is only a theory.  It could be to ensure that no predator knows of the young having hatched, it could be for the mother to conserve energy, or it could be that the young eat the shell to gain grit to be used to eat.  I have never seen this before and I will have to pay attention when they lay eggs next time.

You can see the remaining Goose egg and only a few pieces of empty shell.

After the babies hatched, over the course of the day, I noticed a large number of Crows were congregating at our home.  This is usual when baby animals arrive at my house, the Crows was to eat them.  If the babies were ducks or chickens I would have to take them from the parents to raise them myself.  In my experience Ducks and Chickens are very bad parents and do not watch over them.  I have lost whole groups of babies due to the parent’s failure to watch over their young.  I have seen Crows swoop and collect ducklings as their mother walks away, oblivious to the danger.  Geese on the other hand are very good parents.  I have seen the Geese protect the young very efficiently.  The Geese work as a team to protect the young, and they also allow the mothers a little personal time to have a bath without the babies by watching over the group.  Due to this I have allowed them to be raised by their parents.

A happy family, with grand mother.

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