“To the wise, life is a problem; to the fool, a solution.” Marcus Aurelius

Great news everyone.  My computer is now fully functional.  I received the new Hard Drive I ordered off eBay and installed it with no issues whatsoever.

Last week, one of my friends offered to give me her Rooster.  I initially didn’t really want to take him.  As my regular readers would know, I recently managed to reduce the number or Roosters I owned from three to one.  I was much happier now that I only had one Rooster crowing on my property (My neighbors are also a lot happier about it too).  Despite my reluctance. I asked her why she wanted to get rid of him.  She told me that the Rooster was causing her a lot of concern as he was crowing constantly on her suburban property.  She had wanted to turn him into dinner, yet she was unable to do this… so she decided to offer it to me instead.  She said I could do whatever I wanted with him, as long as I took him off her hands.

After a couple of days of considering this, I decided to take him on.  I knew that if it turned out I couldn’t keep him, I could just eat him.  I traveled to her house and met the Rooster, whose name turned out to be “Jeffrey”.  He turned out to be a very handsome and friendly guy.  I suspect he was a cross between an Australorp and a Black Copper Maran (I am only guessing.. it is hard to tell).


When I brought him home I placed him in a cage, away from my other Rooster.  If you ever have two Roosters, you should not place them together.  They may attack each other and it could result in one, or both of their deaths.

I now had a problem… two Roosters when I only really needed one.  I spent a couple of days considering what to do.  Kitty really liked the new Rooster, as he was much friendlier than our original one (who was now attacking me any chance he got).  I did want to keep the new one, yet he was not the right breed and I wanted to produce Australorps.

One morning, the solution came to me.  While lying in bed I heard Jeffery crowing constantly.  He would crow around 9 times in a row.  Wait a minute, then start the process again.  He had to go.  The next day, I set about early and I killed him as humanly as possible before preparing him for a roast meal.  I was sorry that I had to choose him, he was a lovely little guy, yet he was not going to work out living on my property.

Here I am holding Jeffrey.

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