Today we said farewell to one of our Guinea Pigs.

Some sad news today.  My son’s pet Guinea Pig, Percy, died. To be honest, I am not 100% sure what may have caused his demise.  I did note that over the last few days he seemed lethargic and was acting a little unlike himself.   I examined him on Monday and I noticed he had some dandruff on some of his skin, as well as some clumps of hair that was matted.  It may have happened with the recent rain… he may have gotten muddy and the hair may have not been cleaned properly.

I decided that I would wash him on the next warm day… which happened to be today.  I set out the water, which was slightly warmer than the air and I started to give him a wash.  I think he enjoyed it a little, as he laid back (I had him laying on his back in my hand, with his hind legs in the water) and I washed his stomach and legs.  After a couple of minutes the water was dirty, and I had not finished my work, so I put him back in his hutch while I cleaned the water.

Percy is here with Betty. Percy is the Guinea Pig with the large mat of hair on his butt.

I picked him back up, after the water was clean, and he was acting very weird.  Not moving a lot in his cage (he would normally run when I try to pick him up), which I thought was unusual.  I went back to washing him, and at first he was huffing and puffing (obviously not happy that I was still washing him), then after a minute… he calmed down and stopped fussing.


I continued to wash him for a couple of minutes when I realised that he hadn’t moved… or breathed… for some time.  I gently lay him down on the ground and I realised that Percy had died while I washed him.  I don’t know why he died.  I suspect he was sick and it was just a coincidence that I was washing him when he died.

One of Percy’s offspring… at least we will remember him.

When my son came home from school, we had a little ceremony and buried him in the flower garden.  My son seems to be taking it pretty well, although he has said he doesn’t want another guinea pig to replace Percy… to be honest, I can’t blame him.

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