“Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking.” – Marcus Aurelius

This was where the chicks were staying during the day


Hard work over the last couple of days working on my Chicken Tractor.  I had the wood spare from pulling apart parts of my lounge room, and I already had the tools and nails that I needed.  I only needed to buy the wire and some PVC tubes.  So it wasn’t too expensive to complete.

Work in progress


As this is the first of many which I will be building, I haven’t really spent too much time working on instructions.  Also, this is my first attempt, so I want to iron out some problems before I try to tell people who to build them.  I think the building went a lot better then I expected, mostly as I am getting better at carpentry with every project that I complete.  The majority of the problems stemmed from my need to have to substitute some parts for cheaper or ones which I already owned… to save money and time.

The final product… pretty happy with it.


After all the work, I am tired, sun burnt, injured from repeated actions, and have so many cuts on my hands/fingers from working with all the wire that I have trouble using them.  Yet I am pretty happy with the final results.  It has its problems, it isn’t perfect, yet as Kitty keeps saying to me, “it works”.  It works, yes, but I have already started thinking of improvements that can be made on future models… and it won’t be long till I will need another.  The chicks are growing so quickly they will need more room soon.

Here are the little treasures… you can see that they have grown quite a bit.


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