“…we are less secure than we think.” Lord Rees

I read an article of interest from the UK newspaper, the Telegraph.  The article describes the creation of a Think Tank containing of some of the greatest scientific minds of our time.  It has been set up with the purpose of investigating the greatest threats to the human race from man-made events. This group is called the Centre for the Study of Existential Risk and is located at Cambridge in the UK.

This image was from the Telegraph website and I felt it suited this posting.

While I do not know in which direction these discussions will take people, and I am not 100% sure of their intentions, I am happy that they are occurring.  Having such important discussions could raise the awareness of the general population and awaken more people to the importance of Contingency and Prepping.

If you would like to read Lord Reese’s full speech, the transcript can be found here.

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