“We build too many walls and not enough bridges.” – Isaac Newton

I am still on leave and still trying to do lots of work on the house and property.  I have had to rest a couple of days due to illness (although it turns out it was a severe case of Hay Fever.  How was I to know, I have never had it before), yet I have been out there working on the garden.

Here I am, cutting some branches from a Plum tree. It was on the border so I was careful to cut only the ones in the way, which is why I am using a hand saw.


One of the main projects I intend to finish before I return to work is to build a wooden picket fence between my neighbor and my house.  Kitty and I had spent some time trying to get in touch with my neighbor, yet they were never at their holiday home, and we could not locate a contact for them.  We decided to go ahead with building the fence without consulting with them.  I started work the other day on clearing the land between our houses, such as removing a large compost area, cutting down branches that were in the way, etc.  While working on the compost bins I noticed that my neighbors back door was open.  Something which I had not seen happen before.  I walked over and met the owner of the house, who showed my family and I through his house… which was very nice of him.  I had some time to discuss the proposed fence, and the border.  He told me that he wasn’t too fussed if I screwed up the boundary line, as long as it was close.  He also told me he would pay for half the cost, which is good news (although I looked into this, and by law he has to pay for half.  I didn’t mention this to him though).

Since then I have plotted out the boundary, using electric fence cable, and staked out where I intend to dig my post holes.  I also bought half a dozen posts to start work in a couple of days.

Setting up the fence line… still a work in progress.


I will be sure to get some more information on the work I am doing with the fence.

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