“We feel free when we escape – even if it be but from the frying pan to the fire.” – Eric Hoffer

Here is the previously named “Black Rabbit”.

I realised last night that I forgot to write about an interesting development with my rabbits.  I mentioned in my post on 23 May that my black Rabbit is happy living in the first Rabbit hutch I built.  Apparently I was wrong about that.  I recently went to feed my rabbits one evening when I returned from work and when I reached the hutch of the black rabbit I was shocked to see that she was no longer in there.  She had dug a hole to escape from the hatch.

The escape tunnel. I will have to clean out her cage before she goes in next summer.

I suppose I wasn’t really surprised.  She had been digging holes for months and had failed to escape due to my early intervention and the fact my property is a thin layer of dirt covering a mountain of stones. I considered whether she could be far away and as her hutch was in my fenced garden I had high hopes that she could not have left the area.  As I went about my business of feeding the other rabbits I calmly looked about the garden. It was then that I noticed her black ears hiding behind a bush.  I casually walked over and picked her up.  She didn’t try to flee and I think she was more than happy to be found.  It is a big scary world for a rabbit.  I placed her in her winter hutch, which is the three stacked hutches in my car port, and made a mental note to put some wire on the bottom of her summer cage to prevent future escapes.

Anyway, due to her heroic feat I have decided to call her “Magic Babe”, after Magic Babe Ning.

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