Is intuition useful for a Prepper?

I wrote in my last post about the value of intuition, and how ignoring it can sometimes lead to problems.  In the example I gave, ignoring my intuition led to me injuring my hand and ruining the weekend plans I had made.  This is only the most recent of situation where my intuition has provided advice, as it usually happens several times a day.  I am sure that you too have heard that little voice in your head (often near the back of your mind) providing helpful guidance which should be acknowledged (yet is often ignored).

I have been a long believer in intuition, allowing it to assist me in making some of my daily decisions.  I haven’t always listened to my intuition, which usually results in an unwanted outcome.  I could go through dozens of examples where intuition has allowed me to avoid dangerous situations, or through disregarding the warning I ended up in a position which I really regretted.

Intuition is not often mentioned by Preppers, they talk about Situational awareness, and other similar skills.  This is a big gap in knowledge and should be corrected.


I believe intuition isn’t a mystical force, or a decision based on divine inspiration.  In my experience, intuition is guidance based on known information.  In my example from the beach, it was obvious that stepping on a wet, slippery, stone is not a smart idea.  The advice to avoid it wasn’t supernaturally wise, it was logical and my decision to ignore it was a mistake.

Apparently, not everyone hears that little voice of warning.  I believe my strong connection to my intuition came through many years of martial arts and training.  I thought it might be a good idea to look further into intuition and how it comes to exist.  In my research on the topic I found a great article in Psychology Today.

I am not sure I whether the author’s “three ways to listen to that internal voice”, yet it might be useful to someone who does not often listen to their intuition.

Intuition is a very valuable skill for Preppers, as it can help to identify risks in daily life.  It is not just for being aware of safety, it can also guide you to make sure you are working on your preparations by reminding you of any areas you may have forgotten.  It is a skill, which is very easy to obtain, that can serve you in all aspects of your life.


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