“What killed the dinosaurs? The Ice Age!” – Mr Freeze, Batman and Robin

Last week we had an exceptionally cold morning, so cold that my water pump froze, as did the water pipes.  Walking on the ground outside was like walking on a huge solid rock, puddles of water had turned into small chunks of ice.  I believe it was the iciest day I have ever seen.  The roads in my area were closed due to extreme ice conditions, which meant that I decided to stay home for the day… rather than risk myself driving to work.

I took the opportunity to plant some seeds into punnets and place them in my mini-greenhouses.  I checked over my collection of seeds and noticed that many of them had expired last year, some the year before.  I will plant them later, yet I would prefer to plant seeds with a higher chance of germinating.  As I couldn’t leave the house due to the ice, I decided to check my seed bank.  I have put aside around a dozen varieties of seeds within a small steel container that I have placed in my garage.  I have done this as a back-up for my seeds should my other seeds be eaten by mice or lost in some way.  I decided that it was time to use these seeds, and replace them later.

Only a couple are spelt incorrectly… can you spot them?

I planted:

2 pots of Water melon (as I love fresh water melon)

1 tray (containing 24 pots) of carrots,

1 tray (containing 24 pots) of lettuce

3  punnets of Snow Peas

3  punnets of Broad Beans

2  punnets of Broccoli

I also checked the tree cuttings I am attempting to propagate.  All, but for the Nectarine, seem to be going very well.  They have buds growing on them and look like they are ready for spring.  The nectarine is not going as well.  It was the only cutting which had leaves on it, and it seems that the leaves are dying.

I think that this is a good sign.

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