“What springs from earth dissolves to earth again, and heaven-born things fly to their native seat.” – Marcus Aurelius

The seeds which I planted last week have shown great progress.  Many of them are sprouting and looking like they are ready to burst from their pots!  You can see from the image attached that the Lettuce and Pumpkin are growing well.  I have even had little signs of growth from the comfrey, Broccoli and the many herbs I planted.  Still, these are early days.


I also refreshed my stock of tomato seeds, investing in several packets of Black Russian tomatoes, and Black Krim too.  I had great success with the Black Russian last year, so I am going to try them again.  They are a small, yet very tasty (and sweet) tomato.  I thought the Black Krim might be a good bet too, they are a larger version of the Black Russian.

Apart from planting seeds in pots, I have also been working on the garden… preparing it for the season ahead.  Kitty and I have let a few things slide in the garden, so we are a little behind, yet we are working hard to remove the overgrown areas and make them ready for planting.  I have transplanted some blue berries we had in the garden into raised garden beds under our pine tree.  I have also taken cuttings from my many established herbs and placed them (along with parsley and chive seeds) into the ground near my covered veranda, so that they are easy to collect (even in the rain).

I have also been spreading seeds throughout my established plants to cover the ground and get some produce.  Carrots are something that I am sowing at the moment, as are corn, radish and lettuce.  Kitty and I are looking closely at the plants which seem to work in the garden as well as considering what plants would make sense to grow (no sense in growing a lot of radish, as no one eats it but me).  We want plants that are either hard to locate, costly to buy, or that have an extra special taste if eaten fresh.

Picture of Morleigh and me, taken 14 years ago.

Finally, I have also placed some Walnuts that my friend gathered into a bag in my fridge.  The seeds need striation before they sprout.  I really wished that I did this months ago, so that I could put one on Morleigh’s grave, yet I think I will have to plant something else there for her.  I am thinking of another Hazelnut or Chestnut, depending on what is available.

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