“Whatever there be of progress in life comes not through adaptation but through daring.” – Henry Miller

After planting the apple trees near the road a couple of weeks ago, I have had second thoughts… the position they were planted in was actually council land (just outside my boundary).  While it was unlikely, it would be possible for the trees to be removed without my say.  I decided I would move them down into the garden, to ensure that they were protected from this.  In addition, I wanted them in a location which would provide more enjoyment for us from a visual aspect.  I dug the trees back up and planted them (well, one of them) down near the house, with a view from the kitchen window.  This is not as big a task as it would have been at my old house.  There, I would have had to dig through layers of rock, prying them out of the ground, to make a hole large enough to take the tree.  In my new house, the black soil is easy to dig and within less than a minute I have a suitable hole for the tree’s roots.

A short while later, the tree was safely ensconced in the ground.  I had left all my wonderful compost at my old house so I had to buy a bag or two to get me by until I make some more.  I did spend a couple of hours cutting down some small trees which we did not want (due to their being in the way of places where we wanted to plant another tree) as well as ripping out some old plants which we did not want.  I collected all the leaf matter I could find and started a new Compost pile.  The amount of manure I collected was very meager, as I only have one rabbit (not like the old days).  For now, I will have to live with this until I can increase my animals or maybe get permission to collect some manure from the nearby cow/sheep paddocks.

The old gardens that provided their leaves to make new compost


As I mentioned, a couple of days earlier I traveled to the Nursery and bought some bags of compost and sugar cane mulch.  I placed the compost around the base of the trees, to a thickness of around 3cm and diameter of 40cm.  I then placed the mulch over the top of this and then watered the lot.  I also sowed a few Bean and Snow Pea seeds (I couldn’t find the ones I kept from my last harvest at my old house so I bought some new ones).  These would provide the trees (and shrubs) with a source of nitrogen in the short term.  Later I will add a Leguminous shrub to the base of the tree.  I also planted some Thyme (cause I like the taste of this herb).  Finally, I added a Red Current as a shrub to fill in some space.  I don’t know how it will go, so it is all a bit of an experiment.  In a nearby spot I also planted a Lemon tree, with a Raspberry at the base, along with Marjoram and the seeds I mentioned I planted with the Apple.  I also planted at the base of the two trees some Watermelon seeds.  I did this as my son asked me to put them in the ground.  I thought it sounded like a great idea, as I love Watermelon.  Kitty wasn’t so sure though.  I told her that the worst thing that would happen would be they don’t grow.  So it might work and we could get delicious fruit.

This is, I understand, the basis of the Food Forest.  I am only learning of this so I am just experimenting with a few things for the fun of it.

Just adding the finishing touches to this Apple Tree


Kitty also went and bought a bunch of fruit trees and canes.  I had been procrastinating too much, trying to come up with the perfect list of plants.  Kitty, correctly, decided to make the move for me and just bought a bunch of fruit trees which I like (such as Peach and Apricot).  I find that I can sometimes take too much time in research and planning.  Kitty and I have decided to just put the plants in the ground, in the area we want them, and make the garden around them.  We will have to get to this during the week though, as a large amount of rain has forced us to pack up our tools and work inside.

Taking a short break in my gardening to enjoy a delicious cup of Very cold tea from my Daughter’s tea party

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